e-QA® - Eletronic Quality Assurance (QA through the Internet)

Integrated System Diagnostics (ISD) has created an eletronic Quality Assurance innovative service.

e-QA – Quality Assurance Via Internet

The Quality Assurance activity (also called QA, PPQA, product and process quality assurance, quality audits, among other names) has the main following objectives:

  • verify if the defined processes/procedures are followed
  • verify if the products and services standards are satisfied
  • identify risks, non-compliance issues, quality problems
  • ensure independent and objective verification
  • anticipate problems

The e-QA process can be used for:

  • Verification of internal standards and procedures
  • Vendor or suppliers monitoring (when applied to suppliers, it helps achieving assured quality)
  • Verify implementation compliance to external standards and models
  • Support data collection for external benchmark events

The QA activity is performed using the internet as a tool. It provides adequate information for future face to face audits, if required.

The face to face audits can be performed by your team without our help. However, it will be much more effective and much less labor intensive. It can be performed in a more selective way, and with focus on previously identified critical aspects.




  • Operational, projects or service delivery risk identification. Risks are identified proactively
  • Operational costs reduction
  • Generate quality indicators
  • Can be executed with many purposes: performance, problem solution, coaching, feedback, customer satisfaction, compliance, risk analysis, among others
  • It is a innovative way of doing business
  • Can be applied in dozens, hundreds or thousands of projects, processes, procedures or types of services worldwide
  • Can be delivered globally, allowing for quality and performance indicators consolidation, and providing input for decision making



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